Welcome to my garden!

Late Autumn Marigold, November 2007, Jade Leone Blackwater

At AppleJade, we’re going to talk a lot about foods and nutrition.  Part of our discussions will include ideas for how to grow, cook, and store your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. I’m an amateur, self-taught gardener with about 10 years of experience.  In our discussions I’ll share what books, ideas, and experiences I’ve found useful along the way.  You will have the opportunity to see my garden while it grows and changes, and learn along with me. 

Currently my writing and creative projects have me swamped, so please enjoy some images from my garden for now.  The garden is currently going to bed for the cold Pennsylvania winter – but that’s not a problem for us.  There is still a lot of life in the garden if you look closely.


Above image: Today’s image is a marigold.  I grew these from seed, but I’d have to find the packet to tell you their specific cultivar – maybe giant something…


PS – If you like to look at nature photography, I have a whole lot more to share.  Visit me at Arboreality and Brainripples for more pictures!


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  1. What a pretty flower…and interesting read. I will definitely be checking back as I have absolutely NO green thumb…but I try. Thanks for sharing.

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