Getting a Jump on Spring Planting

Cold Frame, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

Today I awoke to a warm, humid sunrise.  It appears that my planting opportunity came sooner than I anticipated!  I just finished sowing onions, spinach, radishes, and carrots in the open spaces of my cold frame (a great way to enjoy a sunrise).  As you can see the cilantro, mizuna mustard, and assorted lettuce are all jamming, and today’s warmth (and opportunity to open the cold frame for fresh air) will give them a nice boost.  Salad is on tonight’s menu!

I like to garden by the moon, and while today’s moonsign (Aquarius) is not always ideal for planting, the new moon is a great time to get things started – be they new plants, or new projects.  I’m hoping that today’s warmth, breeze, thunder, rain, and the added energy of a solar eclipse will help get these seeds started.  In a couple of weeks, we’ll know if there’s been any success.  That is – if we can see through the snow into the cold frame!


New moon goal setting for the coming new year

Moon December 2007, © Copyright 2007 Jade Leone BlackwaterIt’s the time of year when many of us who celebrate the New Year on January 1st begin to set goals and resolutions.  Effective goal setting can be a powerful tool for positive change – be it for your health, your job, your attitude, even your garden.

Goal setting need not be restricted to every New Year’s Eve.  In fact, there’s no reason to insist that you set any goals for yourself this New Year’s.  I revise my goals throughout the year: on my birthday, at a season change, at a full or new moon, or when it just “feels like the right time to reassess my path.”

Last year at Brainripples I outlined a few simple steps for setting goals.  This Sunday December 9, 2007 brought us the New Moon.  Many of us find it easier to set new goals when the moon begins to wax.  Timely and relevant as always, Bloglily also discusses goal setting and organization in her post from last week, Yes Virginia, There is Such a Thing as Being Too Organized.

Below is a recap of the goal setting strategy I originally shared at Brainripples in my post Goal Setting with the Capricorn Full Moon.  (This method for setting goals is derived from what I learned from Carleton H. Sheets in his video “How to Buy Your First Home or Investment Property with No Down Payment.” )

A Quick, Effective Goal-Setting Technique:

1) Select your goals

– Make it easy: pick one area where you want to set goals, and scribble out a list of words, ideas, or tangible “wants” and “needs” until you can’t think of any more to write.

2) Record your goals

– Make it obvious: create a clean, easy-to-read copy of your goals.  If you’re artistic, take the time to embellish, and make it something eye-catching.  If you’re more of the minimalist-type, print it out on a clean sheet of paper in a comfortable font.

3) Display your goals

 – Make it accessible: hang your goal sheet by your bedside, in your office, or in your bathroom – wherever it is convenient and appropriate for you.  If you value your privacy, keep your goals in a personal drawer or file. 

4) Review your goals

– Make it consistent: with a set of goals in an easy-to-read, easy-to-find location, you will have to work hard to ignore them.  Read your goals each day.  If you’re frustrated or feeling stuck, just pick one thing on your list, and make it your focus for the day.

Using this goal setting method (and adjusting it to suit your needs and tastes) will help you become actively involved in making changes in your life.  Make your list reflect those things you most want to achieve, and then allow yourself the time and space to make them happen.

Moon December 2007, © Copyright 2007 Jade Leone BlackwaterComing up at AppleJade, we’ll discuss how to successfully apply this strategy to health and wellness goals in the future.  Until then, be sure to take a look at the original post at Brainripples, which offers more ideas and details for making this strategy work for you.